About us

About us

For information about our programs, please contact us via e-mail or phone. For further information, see this leaflet (PDF).

Please register for English programs: info at zselicicsillagpark dot hu

Programs in short

Astronomy:  full-dome movies at the Planetarium l presentations: meteorite collection; light pollution l observation with telescopes day & night (when the sky is clear) l guided night tours in the forest

Natural History: guided tours in the Zselic (daytime) l exhibition: the flora and fauna of the region

Zselic Park of Stars in short

The Zselic Landscape Protection area hides many natural treasures - the night sky is one of them. The area became internationally recognized in 2009 when the title of Dark-Sky (or Starry Sky) Park was awarded by the International Dak Sky Association. Zselic Park of Stars consists of a public observatory, a 25 m tall wooden belvedere, and resting points in the forest.

The Zselic Park of Stars offers unforgettable experiences to all visitors who are interested in developing scientific understanding of nature and the universe surrounding it. Visitors may learn about the natural treasures of the Zselic region, the forest and water habitats and the wonders of the sky, such as the Milky Way and the view of zodiac lights (which are not at all or only barely visible from light pollution areas) during the day and at night, within the framework of individual, family or school programmes.

Telephone: +36 82/505-184
Website: www.zselicicsillagpark.hu
E-mail: info@zselicicsillagpark.hu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zselicicsillagpark
Postal address: 7400 Kaposvár, Bajzsy-Zs. Str. 21.

Coordinates: N: 46º 14’12” E: 17º 45’ 56”